Weekend Wrapup

I’m going to have to start walking around with a pad of paper strung around my neck.  All weekend long funny or quirky moments would happen and in the back of my mind I’d think “I’ve got to blog this.”  But when the keyboard is beneath my fingers, nothing. I can’t remember a darn thing.

Was an uneventful weekend. Saturday Gavin got to go to a pool party with his grandma. That left Dave, the twins and I. Most of the day was pretty lazy. Not that I can really have a lazy day with twin toddlers running around. Sunday was a bit more productive. Finally got a second crib up in the babies room.  Not that either crib is being used, but they’re there. Eventually I’ll muster up the courage to transistion the twins from co-bedding with me on a mattress on the floor. Oh I’m sure that will be a good blogging week. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this cute video of my neice I just posted on my YouTube channel.


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  • The same thing happens to me all the time! I seriously need to start keeping a notebook with me at all times, sometimes I manage to find a scrap to write on but my memory just doesn’t cut it.

    Good luck w/ the bedding transition! All 3 of our boys did not like sleeping in their cribs. We’ve had mixed results with transitioning, but I’m still glad we did the co-bedding, it can be great for bonding IMO. My 3-yr-old still finds his way into our bed pretty much every night, and one of my 7-yr-old twins still comes in in the middle of the night pretty often too. Sometimes we wake up to find all 3 boys + the cat all squished on our bed (as we are hanging on to what’s left of the edges of the bed, lol).

  • I never have anything to write about, so I just write about nonsense and hope it sounds interesting.

  • What a beautiful girl. She is adorable 🙂
    I see family resemblance- umm, granted between a video and a photograph online- but the photos must be pretty accurate.

    Is is ever a little surreal when your sibling is a parent?
    It was a completely smooth and natural transition as many of my friends became parents, but it is still surreal to see pictures of my like-a-sister cousin’s son, even when it is a picture of both of them, and believe it is her son and she is a mom. Even though she is a great mom, and even though she has been a mom for nearly two years.

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