Six Months

Last Sunday marked the twins half-year birthday. Six whole months. With twins that’s like already a years worth of diaper changing. A years worth of sleepless nights. A years worth of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. And it’s also a years worth of toothless grins, belly giggles, cuddle time and oh we can’t forget, that irresistable, intoxicating new baby smell.

They’ve already cut their first tooth and the second is in the works. I read that identical (MZ) twins tend to cut teeth around the same time. Yep. It was within 4 days. Surprisingly though, I thought for sure Brady’s would cut first, he was just so miserable. But it was Blake’s that came through first.

They’ve flip-flopped traits so many times it’ll make your head spin. Just when I think I’ve got their personalities all figured out, they switch on me. I’ll tell my mom “They’ve switched bodies again,” just to give her a heads up. What a godsend it has been having her around. She still comes to help me just about every day. Except weekends or days Dave has off work. I think I’d go insane trying to handle it all alone. Sure I’ve had days that I was on my own, but it’s not every day that I am. Sometimes just having her presence here is calming and comforting to get me through the day. The thought of being able to have adult interaction on a daily basis is about pure bliss for me at this point.

They had their 6 month well-baby visit on Tuesday. The weight gap between them is wider still. Blake weighed 20lbs 1oz and Brady 18lbs 3oz. Both are 29 inches. I’m baffled at the weight gap. They pretty much eat the same. There may have been times that Brady doesn’t quite finish his bottle and Blake does. But it’s not often, and then it’ll be the opposite other times. So I can’t figure it out. You can’t really notice the weight difference yet. But if you were to pick them up, you notice. Most people still can’t tell them apart. I get a lot of the same question, “How do you tell them apart?” For me, it’s just looking at them. They simply just look different to me. Although I admit, there are days that even I can’t tell them apart. My husband, and most others look to one distinct difference. It has to be pointed out to notice, but it’s a sure way to tell who’s who. It’s all in their left ear.

Blakes_ear Bradys_ear

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  • Happy Six Months!
    It’s been a couple of months since I checked out your photo site. I am going to do that today 🙂

    Now do you point the ears out to friends and family or sit back and smile watching them flounder ? 😉

    My friends’ daughter, who turned one in December, has a small individuality in the pinna of her right ear. The tissue dips down and makes the top of her ear into a little heart shape.

  • That is SO cool about their ears! I love how even identical twins can have physical differences.
    I like it when you update your blog, J 🙂

  • TJ:

    Has it been 6 months already? Wow, they grow fast. Love the ears…… wait until they go to school and try to exchange places to take each other’s tests. I wonder if their ears will be different then? LOL

  • Wow, 6 months! Time flies, doesn’t it! I still can’t believe Audrey is almost 8 months. I don’t know how you do it with twins. I always thought it would be cool to have twins, but I think I’m just happy with my one 🙂 Aren’t moms the greatest? My mom was such a lifesaver in the beginning.

    Oh, I finally updated your site on my blog…I’ve been such a slacker lately! Thankfully work has been slow so now I have time for stuff like this again 🙂

  • Awww….the ears! Soooooo cute!

    How much fun you must be having learning their little personalities–especially as they flip-flop and keep you guessing.

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