Hello from the Arctic Midwest

I am so tired of winter. Normally I don’t mind these winter months, and probably wouldn’t mind the snow so much, but it’s this darn bitter cold. Why does it have to be so cold? We’ve had a whole winter’s worth of winter just in the last 4 weeks.

I hate when I have to take Gavin to school and I have to bundle up both babies to drive 4 blocks. I hate that when I come down to my computer, which is in the basement, I have to put on 2 layers of clothes. It’s probably one of the main reasons I’ve been a blog slacker, because I hate coming down to my cold basement. Right now I have a tank top on, then a flannel pajama top on over that and then a thick sweater over that. I have a thick pair of socks on with knitted footie slippers over them. I’m wearing jeans with long johns underneath, and I’m wrapped in a polar fleece blanket. All so that I can sit here and type about how much I hate being cold all the time.

In other news, we’re finally near the finishing touches of Gavin’s room. Gavin wanted a Superhero bedroom. So my mom and I spent countless hours painting him a Superhero bedroom. You can see the progression photos here.

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  • That is exactly how I feel about winter. HATE it. I told Jon I would not have kids in that kind of weather and that’s why we moved before kids. The downside is that I have to go out in all kinds of heat in the summertime bc the boys love warm weather!

  • Totally feel your pain! It has been quite cold here in Ohio. We just moved into a new house over the summer and are discovering which rooms are highly inefficient.

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