One Year

The twins birthday was quite a hit. My guest list was over 50, including kids, and that’s about what we had and then some. We had a Luau theme. Our 30in. deep pop-up pool was packed with kids. We even borrowed my brother-in-laws moonwalk. The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast. The twins? I suppose they had a good time. They were miserable for part of the day though. They were so off routine and they do not do well when they are off routine. My sister was in town for a few days so the craziness continued. It took a couple days to get them back on routine. Even now, a couple weeks later, we aren’t still quite right. Seems we’re still running about 90 minutes behind.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I actually survived. I’m still breathing, though barely, and more importantly, Blake and Brady are still breathing. I’m still amazed some days that I have two babies, who are now officially toddlers. They’ve been walking since about 11 months. They both weighed about 22lbs at their one yr well-baby visit. We’re still breastfeeding. Though night weaning is well at hand and is going rather well, however they still wake a couple times at night for comfort even though “Mom’s Diner” is no longer a 24 hour establishment.

Just when things seemed normal again, then it was time for my dad to visit. Last time he was here was for my wedding back in September of 2003. He lives in the Houston area and drove up last Friday. It was so nice having him here for four days. I don’t get to see much of him and with every visit it seems I get closer and closer. I really missed him after he left.

Going to Indiana later this week. Mom took the train out there to my sisters and she needs a ride home. So I get to spend a few days with my sister again. Looking forward to “getting out of dodge.”

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  • You and the guys look wonderful! Wow, they are so big now, and so cute 🙂 Those rosy cheeks are simply adorable. I do not doubt you are exhausted,
    but you look great too! – and most importantly, you look truly happy in that photo.

    Have a most safe trip, and may you fully enjoy your trip ‘out of dodge’ .

  • Sounds like a wonderful party. My daughter fell asleep in her high chair at her one year old party and had to be waken up to eat her cake !

  • Happy Belated birthday to the twins! Sounds like the party was a blast. It took us forever to decide whether to have a party or not, since it’s mostly for the adults anyway. We decided about 2 weeks before Audrey’s birthday and it worked out pretty well. Even Audrey had a good time!

    Anyway, the twins are soooo cute! Congrats on making it through the first year…and still breastfeeding! You rock!

  • Hi, I found your blog through MBC. Happy 1st birthday to your twins…they are adorable!! I always felt like it was a huge triumph to survive the first year with twins. I laughed at your comment about “they’re still breathing”…I felt the same way. So many times during my twins’ first year I felt like I was failing in some way, but then I figured at the end of the day if they were still pink in the face and still breathing, that I had at least done something right!! Congratulations on getting through the 1st year…the 2nd year is full of fun as well!

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  • Happy belated birthday to the boys! My son James just made one, too… on the 6th. It goes by so fast, right? I’m glad the party went well! James was the same way during his. All he wanted to do was sleep and eat, and he pooped about 5 times during the whole party!

  • What beautiful babies! Happy 1st birthday to them!

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