A Look Back

Indiana trip was fun. What would normally be an easy 3.5 hour drive turns into about 6 or 7 with the twins. We left early Thursday afternoon at naptime. Blake and Brady were asleep with in 15 minutes and remained sleeping for nearly 2.5 hours.  During that time we managed to travel across the state of Michigan from Detroit area to Benton Harbor before the boys woke up.  Once in Benton Harbor, we stopped for lunch, dinner, “lunner.”  We did some more stretching by walking around the local Wal-Mart.  It was over 2 hours before we hit the road again. Arrived at my sisters around 7:30pm. We gained an hour since she lives in central timezone.  It was a fun visit. The boys had a blast. No problems (last time Brady got sick and we had to take him to emergency).  Renee and I got out Friday night. Went to see the new movie Mirrors, it was pretty scary. Had both of us watching it through her sweater.

On another note. I was going through some old boxes and came across an old cell phone I used to have.  It comes from the early days of consumer cell phones.  My husband thought it was one of Gavin’s play phones. He was shocked to discover that this thing actually worked. And I thought I was cool when I had it, as cell phones weren’t nearly as popular back then as they are now.  I remember purposely calling people so that I could be seen using it. LOL  I wish I remember what the ringer sounded like. I remember when it would ring, I’d look around to see if anyone noticed. Like “yep, that’s me, that’s my cell phone, I’m cool, I’m important.”  The darn thing about took up my whole purse.

My first "personal communication device."

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  • haha! at least it wasn’t a brick phone. your lucky. a car ride with little j is insane. he screams the whole time, and all I ever want to do is pull out my hair and cry. glad you had fun!

  • It cracks me up when watching 1980’s movies and even some in the 90’s when a car phone or cell phone pops up in use and it is either wired to the car, or some silver monstrosity on a square base with a six inch antenna 😉

    Even my two year old flip phone is outdated now at a whole 1.5 inches wide when folded and four inches long unfolded.

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