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I remembered at 11 o’clock this evening that after Gavin’s kindergarten graduation tomorrow there is a potluck lunch in the kindergarten playground. I hadn’t made anything or didn’t have anything at home I could throw together. So I made a late night run up to the grocery store to rummage something together to make. I decided on my quick and easy, family favorite dessert. I call it “Pineapple Mush Cake.”  So I thought I’d do a first here in my blog and share the recipe.

Here is what you’ll need:


One 10 oz. Angel Food Bundt Cake
One 20 oz. can crushed pineapple
4-6 vanilla pudding cups
One 8 oz. tub of whipped topping

Step One: Break Angel Food Cake into bite size pieces into large mixing bowl.



Step Two: Drain crushed pineapple in colander and add to bowl with angel food cake.



Step Three: Add 4-6 vanilla pudding cups, 5 always seems to be my maximum.



Step Four: Fold ingredients together, then spread in a 9x13in pan.



Final Step: Spread whipped topping on top.



It can be served right away, but I always allow it to chill in fridge overnight or at least a couple hours. Use serving spoon to dish out.

I started making this at 12:15am and was finished at 12:30am, it’s that quick and easy. And it is soooo yummy. Very light and refreshing. You can even tweak it now and then by adding chopped nuts, or chopped maraschino cherries or crushed mandarin orange slices. If you make this for a get together, be sure to have the recipe with you because people will want it. I always bring a few copies with me.  This dessert can also be made as a diabetic dessert or low calorie dessert. Just use sugar free angel food cake, sugar free pudding cups, lite whipped topping and make sure pineapple has no added sugar.


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  • That sounds quite yummy, easy, and affordable! Sounds nice and light for a hot summer day, too 🙂
    This recipe I must copy and use!
    Thank you, Jen!

  • TJ:

    Are you on facebook?

  • pops:

    I don’t know that this is healthy, but it’s a real quickie little boys are sure to go for, Jimi did, and I still make them once in a while. I called it the “He-Man Sandwich.” The trick is in the timing, so order is important. Ingredients: [per sandwich]:
    2 slice bread
    1 slice lunch meat (ham/bologna/,,,)
    1 slice cheese
    butter or margarine
    mayo or miracle whip

    Put 2 slices of bread in toaster, but don’t push down.
    Brown meat in small fry pan, set aside on warm plate.
    Put dab of butter in same fry pan.
    Break egg into pan.
    Push bread down (start toaster)
    As egg cooks, fold sides over to form square.
    [Meat residue should make it golden brown]
    Flip egg (break yoke if not already broken)
    Put cheese on top of the egg.
    Put meat on top of the cheese
    Put first slice of light toast on top of that.
    Flip whole thing with spatula.
    (Toast will soak up any remaining butter)
    Optionally add salt and pepper.
    Spread mayo on second slice of toast and
    place on top.
    Scoop finished hot sandwich onto plate.

    There you have it, the “he-man sandwich”!

  • Found your blog from MBC. Glad I did! This is a great last minute and quick recipe! Thanks for sharing! I will have to try it sometime!

  • Nice recipe! I’ll have to try it sometime, after the holidays are over and I can fit into my jean again! Haha. Looks like your are making a new website. Can’t wait to check it out. In the meantime, come by and visit me if you want! organicmotherhoodwithcoolwhipcom
    PS Found you on moms of boys at MBC!

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