Superhero Room

Below are progression pictures of the many hours of work my mom and I did on Gavin’s room.

Painting the background color

More background painting

This is where the cityscape will go.

Cityscape taped in and painting started.

Finished cityscape.

Sunburst for mural finished.

Tracing projected picture.

Begining flesh tones.

Figures are starting to take shape.

Completed Mural

Superman closeup.

Flash closeup.

Batman closeup.

Wall across from mural which will eventually be wallpapered with faux brick paper.

3 Responses to “Superhero Room”

  • TJ:

    That is the coolest room ever. You are so creative and patient. What a great mom. Gavin is so lucky. I want a room like that now.

  • Wow – you are very talented! That looks great!

  • Sonia:

    OMG! You are talented! What a great room you did for your son. I found this because my son wants a superhero room as well, I was looking for ideas. I think I’m going to do the same. Where did you get the picture of the superheros?


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