Itsy Bitsy Spider

Why is it that a tiny little spider can totally freak me out? I know I’m like a million times bigger than it. I’m sitting here at my computer, no other light but the light from my monitor and out of the corner of my eye, I see movement. To my right I see a spider crawling along the edge of my desk. Now I had recently cleaned my desk, so of course there were no napkins or papers close by. So I had to reach with my feet to grab the garbage pail under my desk right where the spider had stopped and was looking at me. I pulled out a piece of paper from the pail and went for the spider. In the 1.3 seconds it took for me to actually squash the spider, all these scenerios played in my mind. “What if I miss him and he falls to the floor. It’s so dark. I won’t see him. I’ll be afraid to put my feet under the desk. He’s right on the edge corner. It’s possible I’ll slip. Oh just go for it. He see’s it coming. What if he jumps.”

Finally I attacked head on and I won. As I’m squeezing the crumbled up piece of paper with the spider inside, again I’m wondering.. “Is he dead? can he bite me through this paper? What if I throw him in the garbage and he isn’t dead. He’ll get out and come after me.” I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep two floors up knowing that he might be down here. So I took him to the toilet. There, he’s gone. Better flush it twice.

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  • This totally sounds like me!! I have the same thoughts when I encounter a spider, no matter how big or how small it is. I usually flush the toilet twice b/c God forbid the spider somehow survive the flush and hide out in the toilet, waiting for me to plant my butt on it so he can spring out of nowhere and bite me in the…well, you know. Isn’t it crazy how our minds get the best of us sometimes? My mom used to always say “oh, stop being so scared. It’s more scared of you than you are of him”….yeah, sure. I still don’t believe that theory.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  • Last night before bed, after I lifted my pillow and retrieved my folded pj’s from their day spot, a scurrying blackness caught my eye- a little spider under my pillow now awakened and stirred!

    For a short moment I tried to remember how many spiders we each supposedly swallow during sleep in an average lifetime; then I shuddered and quickly brushed him onto the floor to scurry off hopefully in the opposite direction!

  • I am so with you! I loath spiders. My husband tries to convince me they are good since they eat other bugs, but I don’t care. I don’t want any bugs in the house including the spider. None. Nada!

    I have to literally pump myself up before I squash them because I am so afraid or I will get the vacuum and suck them up, but then I am concerned they are still in the vacuum alive and will just crawl out. Sigh.

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