Influential or Inappropriate?

The November issue of W Magazine shows Anjelina Jolie on the cover, breastfeeding one of her new born twins. Apparently this is inappropriate to some readers. Inappropriate? I think it’s wonderful. First I think it’s amazing and fantastic that she is breastfeeding her twins. Having breastfed my own twins, I know the struggles, the challenges and the reward of nursing two newborns.

I just can’t understand why breastfeeding in public creates such controversy. Why some mothers have to hide in shame and feed their babies in public bathrooms or any where else unclean and disgusting. I’ve been fortunate in that I never recieved any grief for nursing any of my children in public. No one finds it disgusting when they see a baby calf nursing from it’s mother cow. Still women can walk around in public wearing barely any clothing, and yet the mother, off in a corner somewhere, discreetly feeding her baby the way nature intended is the one asked to ‘cover up.’

I think Anjelina posing while breastfeeding can influence a lot of young mothers to come out of the filthy bathroom and feed her baby more comfortably. I used to be bothered by Anjelina. She was just “too much” in my book. But this new, motherly Anjelina is my hero.

In other news, I’ve been tagged by Rachael with this fun little note. So to follow suit, I’ll now tag some of my favs.

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Thanks Rachael, for the blog ‘sticker’!

On a side note, I can’t believe no one commented on my Stanley Cup post. I had the Stanley Cup at MY house and no one even admits a smidgen of jealousy? 😉

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