Happy New Year

Resolutions. Bah! I can never keep them, so why bother.

After catching up with a couple of my blogging friends blogs. I decided I was a little weak in the New Years Resolution department and needed to scratch my entire post and start over. Since no one follows resolutions anymore, it’s now called a “To Do List” for the new year. So in following Jessica and Laura here is my 2009 To Do List:

  • Become a better blogger. Writing and reading.
  • Seperate all my sons toys into two piles, box one pile up and pull it out for him 6 months later. Surprise, it’s like all new toys.
  • Finish decorating Gavin’s room.
  • Organize, or at least start to, (lets be real here) the storage area in the basement.
  • Do better at actually putting laundry away instead of having this growing heap(s) of need to be folded and put away clothes all over the house.
  • Give Gavin chores.  The kid is almost 6 and does absolutely nothing around here.
  • Try and maintain some sort of schedule with the twins. This fly by the seat of our pants just has to end.

So there you have it. My resolutions “To Do List” for 2009.

Christmas was nice. My sister was in town. It’s always great having her here. I miss her so much.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Here’s to a great new year for 2009!!

In stealing another idea from Laura. Please see the previous post that was an added in post to end 2008.

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  • Yeah, I have been such a slacker – I have some resolutions, but haven’t gotten around to posting them. One is being a better blogger and so far I’m not doing so well, haha! I like your idea of calling it a To Do List.

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