Crunchy Golden Heaven

I have done it. I’ve crossed that line. The one I swore I wouldn’t cross until the twins were at least 3 years old. I gave them french fries from McD’s. And from the moment the fry passed through their lips, they were hooked. Brady looked at me and with eagerness in his eyes, he said, “mo, mo, mo” all the while frantically making the sign for ‘more.’  Blake, he’s a little more nonchalant about it all. He’s so happy go lucky about everything. He’ll take the fry and walk away with this little happy swagger of his.  Then the other day, Brady is in his high chair with a fry in his hand and he kept motioning toward my plate. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. I offered him a bite of what I had but he insisted it was something else he wanted. So I picked up my plate and had him show me. And what did the child do? He dipped his fry in my ketchup.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

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  • Every once in a while I get that craving for, indeed, the unique crunchy, squishy, salty, oil-dripping goodness that are McDonald’s french fries.
    How disappointing when I bite into the first one to find I’ve received a pouch of over-cooked, under-salted, dried out choke sticks!

    What a kicker about that smart little bugger Brady going for the ketchup!

    The little charm bracelet in your “Happy Halloween” pic is so cute I am wondering if one such bracelet actually exists somewhere 🙂

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