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4 Months

Sunday marked the official end of another NaBloPoMo, another failure on my attempt that’s for sure. However, I did do somewhat better than I did last year. Last year I think I posted twice the whole month. This year a whopping 13 posts for the month. That’s almost a record for me really. The toughest part for me was not wanting to make every post be about the babies. But in reality, that’s all I got for now. The babies.

Speaking of babies. They went in for their 4 month well-baby visit. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months. The first year is already a third of the way over. Anyway, for the first time since I was just 11 week pregnant, they are significantly different in weight. They’ve always been within 2 or 3 ounces of each other.  Blake tipped the scale at a whopping 17 pounds 5 ounces. He is huge folks, huge.  Brady is 11 ounces under him at 16 pounds 10 ounces.  Both are above the 90th percentile. It amazes me how big they are getting.


Picture Day

As I mentioned yesterday, we [myself and my mom] took the twins to Sears to get their 3 month photo taken [though technically they’re 3.5mos]. I was nervous, they probably sensed that. Whenever my mom and I take them out it’s always a chore, always. This time they were quiet and slept during the car ride there. Once in the mall, they were still sleeping. Normally they are fussy and anxious to get out of their carseats [which are part of the whole stroller travel system] and mom and I have to carry them and the stroller becomes a carry-all with no babies in it. So this time we HAVE to take them out of the carseats and wouldn’t you know it, they are sound asleep. They’re always so suspicious at any stranger. One of the photographers got to close to attempt to make friends and Brady instantly started screaming. We did manage to get a couple cute shots with decent faces, but this one truly describes how the whole ordeal went. Hoping the 6 month picture goes better. We’ve got 3 months to prepare.

Slacking Off

I’m actually at a loss for words today. It’s kind of hard to come up with new and interesting things to type about. Especially when things are pretty much routine and uneventful around here.

We did take the twins to Sears for their 3 month photo session. They did well for the most part. I can tell that they are going to be real home-bodies. They are never very comfortable anywhere else. Last Sunday we were all at my cousins for my niece’s birthday party. Neither Blake or Brady were comfortable with anyone holding them but myself, my mom or my aunt. Blake pretty much had this constant whine about him. Once we were home and they were out of their carseats, they were nothing but all smiles. They just like being at home, where it’s familiar. It was the same today.

I can’t believe I’m slacking on this NaBloPoMo stuff. Most of the time it’s just getting the time to sit down at the computer. Last night after my mom and I put the twins down for the night and then she went home, I had planned on catching up here. I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I woke up and it was almost 3am and I could hear one of the babies on the baby monitor so I had to head upstairs to tend to him and go to bed.

I really do love this quiet time of mine. It’s a few hours of the 24 hour day that I get to just be me. Ahh.~

My Space

space My In-Laws were in town from Florida last week. They stopped by this morning to say good-bye before heading to airport to go home. They snapped a shot of me and the boys in “our spot” This is where I’ve been for the past 3 months, this is where I’ve slept sitting up, eaten and pretty much lived since the twins were born. On the right side there is a tray-table on which contains my personal supplies, water bottle, phone, tv remote, pen, nail clippers & nail file, lip balm, and other odds and ends. Underneath that tray-table is my twin nursing pillow and a package of wipes to refill the wipes container. On the end table in the corner is baby supplies; diapers, wipes, change of baby clothes, fresh cloth diapers for burp clothes, washclothes, baby nail clippers, baby lotion, cradle cap ointment, a clock, some reading material (twins book, baby book), and my address book because I’ve been trying for over a month now to get out my new address announcements. What you don’t see in the picture, at my feet, are 2 bouncy seats and on the other end of the couch is my boppy and the babys’ activity mat. Excuse the plain walls.. someday I’ll get to decorate my new house. I’m wearing my leopard print jammies that I’m still wearing as I type this some 13 hours later. It’s after 1am, the boys have been asleep since 10pm. I’ll go join them in bed shortly, and around 8am I’ll be back in that spot when the cycle starts again.

Other twin moms say this shall pass.. I have to say it is a lot easier now than it was when they were new-newborn. I’ve advanced from taking it one day at a time to now one week at a time. But in all honesty, I’m glad this photo was taken. It’ll remind me of these days later on.. and I can show it to them. All I gotta say is they better appreciate.

Two Months

DSCF1919I can’t believe it’s been two months already.  Wow, did that go by fast.  I’ve finally managed to switch from taking it one hour at a time, to one day at a time.  I still need help on a daily basis.  My mother is beginning to get burnt-out, but still helps me as often as I need her.  She isn’t here around the clock anymore and usually stays home on Sundays.  My aunt has been pitching in as well.

Spoke to a woman in the mall the other day, she mentioned that her sister is expecting triplets.  First thing I thought and said was “wow, someone who will actually have it harder than I do.”  It takes a lot to get out the door with these two, but we try to at least once a week.  The twins hate being in their carseats.  My mother has to sit between them in the back of the van and comfort them the whole car ride. I’ll go crazy though, if I don’t get out of the house.  One day I actually watched the clock and I was on the couch for literally 12 hours straight.  The couch cushions, I think, are now molded to my ass.  My said that next year at this time, I’ll wish I had 5 minutes to sit on the couch. However, my rebuttal was that it’s not like I’m relaxing while sitting on the couch for 12 hours straight.

Being out in public and the attention baby twins brings on is more than what I thought it would be.  I hear the novelty really begins to wear off after the first year.  But so far, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve muttered “yes, they’re twins” or “yes, they’re identical,” I’d be a rich woman.  Oh and I’ve learned that everyone knows someone who’s had twins.  Or my favorite.. the pure look of sympathy I get from other parents of multiples who’ve been where I am.

Gavin started preschool a few weeks ago. He’s doing well.  He goes twice a week for 2 hours.  My takes him those 2 days.  The poor kid is so attention starved.  I think a new baby has got to be easier on a 2 year old than on a 4 year old; a 4 year old is so much more aware of what’s going on.  He’s been the king for so long and it’s been a huge adjustment for him.  The other day he was playing in the backyard and I heard him ask the mailman to stop and talk to him.  I feel so sorry for him.  I probably miss him as much as he misses me.  It was just the two of us for 4 and a half years.  Everyone tries to make sure he gets some one on one time.  And at least twice a week I read him his bedtime story and tuck him in bed.

So, the twins had their 2 month check up today.  Blake weighed in at 13lbs 10oz, and Brady at 13lbs 9oz, both measured 24 inches.  They’re in the 90th percentile.  Way to grow boys! Way to grow!

Oh, and yesterday was mine and Dave’s 4th wedding anniversary. Neither one of us found the time to buy even a card for one another.  S’okay though. Happy Anniversary dear.

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