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For Lack of Better Thoughts

Because I’m at a complete loss for words tonight, and since I can’t do a Way Back Whensday on a Thursday, I thought I’d make up my own theme for today. I shall call it, “Throwback Thursday.”


That’s me, August 1973. I was flowergirl in my uncle’s wedding. I was 5yrs old. The dress, I think, was homemade. I remember the material. I remember the flowers and little white dots were raised and felt like velvet. I remember I stayed at someone’s house I’d never been too, but can’t remember who’s house it was. I do remember that at breakfast that morning, I was complaining that my milk was warm (I still hate warm milk to this day); and someone had plopped and ice cube in my milk. I thought it was gross that there was an ice cube floating in my milk. I remember looking at it melting and literally watering down my milk. I have vague memories of the wedding itself. But I remember my necklace, a bridal party gift from the bride. The silver charm was engraved with my initials. And I STILL have it. My uncle and aunt will celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary this August.

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