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Happy New Year

Man am I bad at this or what? I’ve made a resolution to post at least twice a week. Not only for my loyal readers, but for myself as well. There’s so many things I’ve missed out on. Posts that would have been “posts to remember” had I just taken the time. Time.. time for what? I don’t have time these days. The twins were both sick over the holiday. Santa couldn’t even show up here until close to 2am because the babies were keeping us all up. The day after Christmas I took them to the doctor. They both had an ear infection and a sinus infection. Today was the last day of being on antibiotics.

The weeks leading up to Christmas, I kept arguing with my sister about her being here for Christmas Day. She’s in Indiana. She moved away 4 years ago and I hate being apart from her. She kept insisting that they couldn’t afford it this year. That she needed to work. Christmas Eve I talked to her and told her to please come, that she needed to be here for Christmas, needed to be ‘home’ for Christmas. We cried. She wasn’t coming until the day after Christmas.

Dave and I took Gavin and our sick little guys to Dave’s moms for a fantastic Christmas dinner and gathering. Then we went to my moms for more Christmas fun, including what will be the first annual ornament exchange. We went home with the ugliest ornament ever. I tell you that one’s going back in the exchange next year. As soon as I got to my moms, my older son told me to follow him to his room so that he could show me what he got for Christmas. His bedroom door was shut. He opens the door, and standing there is my sister. I screamed. I hugged. I cried. She surprised me. Everyone knew she was coming, it was all a secret behind my back. It was great though that she was here. I swear she’s my soul mate.

Dave and I did manage to get out for New Years Eve. Thanks to my mom and my aunt Susan. We didn’t get out the door til after 10pm, but it was nice to get out nonetheless.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2008 is a year fulll of love, family, faith and happiness for everyone. Below is our Christmas Holiday Card picture. The hands you see are my moms and aunts holding up the babies while I took the picture. My mom helped to hand make the elf hats out of felt. I’ll have to post more from this photo shoot later. Oh, and we also “elfed ourselves.”

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Happy Birthday to Me

So as I type this, I am exactly thirtytwenty-nine years and 19 hours old. All in all it wasn’t a bad birthday. My mother-in-law took Gavin for the day, which is so much help considering I have the twins to tackle. My mother and aunt came over and took me to lunch at Chili’s, it’s one of my favorite places to go. The twins slept in their car seats pretty much the whole time. Then my mom and I went to this new store that just opened up, Garden Ridge it’s pretty much like this huge warehouse full of stuff for the home, mostly home decor. We picked up a new area rug for our living room.

I received a great gift from the men in my life and that is a gift certificate to Mystique Day Spa. I can either spend it all on one big spa package including a massage, facial, pedicure, etc. Or I can use it in spurts for a pedicure here and maybe a facial another time, make it last longer. Not sure what I’ll do.

My mom has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. It’s affected the left side of her face. Not a fun thing. It can take three to six months for her to fully get her face back. She has to constantly exercise so that those nerves don’t get lazy and forget how to control her face. She was having difficulty eating her pita sandwich at lunch. She has to continuously blink her eye by hand. We [my aunt and I] tried to make light of it all with her and have dubbed her "right side."  I had to laugh my ass of at one point. We had walked into the store and she wanted to put on some surgical tape over her eye to tape it shut and put her patch on. I pointed out an aisle of mirrors so that she could see what she was doing. She went on ahead. As I caught up and approached where she was, she was just putting her eye patch back on and she lost grip of it and it snapped her in the face. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard, I was crying. Mom said she almost peed her pants from laughing. It was hysterical.


Today is my sister’s birthday. She’s the one person on this earth that I can’t live without. We’ve always been together. I miss her all the time since she moved away a handful of years ago. It’s hard not being able to be around her as often as I wish. When I’m with her, my heart smiles and I feel comfort. Can sisters be soulmates? I think so. And that’s just what she is to me. Laughing with her is the greatest thing on earth. So Happy 36th Birthday, Renee!! I love you very much.

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