Bacon Bank & Trust

What is it about bacon? It’s like gold around here. Gavin had dinner at his grandma’s so Dave and I decided to have BLTs for dinner the other night.  Whenever we have BLTs, we always make sure to fry up an even amount of slices, don’t want anyone to have any more than the other, or god forbid, have to split a slice. Plus we always make sure to fry up a couple extra pieces for Gavin, because even though he’s already eaten, once that bacon aroma fills the air, it’s like a dog looking for a treat.

So this time for dinner, Dave fried the bacon, so he is the “bacon banker.” He’s got the plate of freshly cooked bacon on his side of the table opposite of myself.  And it goes something like this, “One for you, one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me.” At that point I am beginning to construct my sandwich. Dave says, “We each have 4, and there’s 6 left (3 each).”  Suddenly Gavin calles from the living room, one of his brothers had gotten a hold of the remote and changed the channel. Dave goes to change it back. I seized his opportunity to steal a piece of bacon from the banker.  Dave comes in and immediately must have did a quick count and asks, “Hey, did you take another piece?”

This happens every time we cook bacon. Next time it’s MY turn to be the bacon banker!

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  • Bacon thief 😉 (aka smart woman ! 🙂

    I hereby nominate you for the roll of Bacon Banker! Do I hear a second nomination?

    I think I am not much of a bacon eater. I am one of those people who likes only the crispy parts of the bacon and will cook it until it shrivels up-
    yet I love to bite into a burger on one of special-treat fast food days and find a bacon surprise,
    and every time I walk into work at 7AM to smell bacon cooking (at a longterm care/rehab/subacute facility, and the employee entrance is across from the kitchen) my mouth waters like crazy 😉

    I miss the pork roll bagel sandwiches my dad used to make on Sunday mornings when I was 11 and 12. Yum!!

  • Hahaha, you bacon thief. You know you’re in America when families take the passing out of bacon seriously serious.

    Funny post.

  • That’s hilarious! You know what it reminds me of….one of the episodes of Roseanne when they all fought over the bacon too. It was a very similar situation but Roseanne was the “bacon banker” and she hid a few extra pieces of cooked bacon in the oven and told everyone there was no more bacon left. When all the kids left for school and the husband left for work, she took the bacon out of the oven and sat down with a whole plate and ate it!!

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