A Day in the Life of Blake and Brady

I always tell people the best thing about co-sleeping is those morning smiles. Well, the best thing about co-sleeping with twins?? You guessed it.. double the smiles. Here is what I wake to each morning around 8:30am:

After morning time at the breast in bed.. it’s time to get up and start the day. Every morning the boys hang out in their bouncy seats or on the dining room floor and keep me company while I wash baby bottles and load the dishwasher. Mind you I’m usually standing on the other side, I just thought this was a cute angle.

After our morning chores, it’s time for breakfast. Some cereal and fruit.

Then it’s play time. A baby blanket on the floor just wasn’t cutting it for the boys to play on. The pak-n-play just seems so small for these two to play together and I needed to protect my expensive floor rug, so here you have it.. I threw a queen size blanket on the floor, and now my living room is one big play pen.

After playtime, it’s time for the first nap usually around 10:30ish. This is when they get one on one breast time. While I’m nursing one, the other is in his bouncy at my feet patiently waiting his turn.

About an hour and a half later, this is usually how I find them. I sometimes wonder what they talk about.

I’ll nurse them both again, then it’s playtime again.

or maybe even some nakey-butt time.

This is when they get their first supplement bottle, usually about 6 ounces of formula, and recently I’ve started adding the mid-day solid meal. Late lunch/afternoon snack of veggies and fruit.

Then it’s time for 2nd nap, usually around 4pm. This nap usually lasts till about 5:30ish.

Afterward, it’s the one time I usually tandem nurse.

Although, this particular day, they were more interested in grandma and what she was doing with the camera.

They get another supp bottle around 6:30pm, then dinner of some cereal, veg, & maybe fruit.

More evening playtime and breast time.

At around 8:30pm the lights in the living room are dimmed. We put their jammies and overnight diaper on, maybe a few minutes of laptime to settle into a sleepy mode and then a bedtime bottle around 9pm.

Then breast all night. If either wakes before midnight, that’s Dave’s tour of duty to parent them back to sleep. The first feed waking is around 12:30am(ish). Then quite often, each child is up every two hours, but alternating hours. Which means I’m up every hour. If they wake at the same time, Dave will come in and comfort one while I nurse the other.

So that’s our day in a nutshell.. it took about 6 months for that routine to emerge and it still isn’t quite consistant but I’m flexible. They still call all the shots. I think that’s what keeps them so happy.

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  • TJ:

    That is so awesome. You are such a great mom. I would never be able to do everything you do for the twins. You have my respect and admiration. It might try your nerves now but later in life you will look back and smile on these precious moments.

  • Wow – what a day! You are so very busy and it seems patient too. I love that they look for the camera – no matter what they’re doing.
    God bless you and those dear ones (or two?).

  • Just stopping by to wish you all a Happy Easter- and a happy spring!
    Hope you are all doing very well 🙂

  • Kathy Cornell:

    Hi Cousin

    This is a nice sight. You are doing a great job on those little ones. Such cute pictures. I will pop in again.

  • I know you are an extremely busy woman- just in different ways if the little guys are getting mobile!!

    Hope you are all doing well, and that your family has some fun summer adventure plans in the works 🙂

  • I’m dyin’ for an update over here!!

  • I don’t care (much) if you do not post again until the twins are in high school (honest- that may be the next time you get to sit down, or want to sit down away from your family, anyway ;-)-
    I just keep checking hoping your blog is still here.

    Happy Fourth! May everyone be safe and well.

  • Tena:

    You have your hands full, but I bet your heart is even fuller. Adorable babies!

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